How to Measure Engagement

 Sales Enablement platforms help you break your marketing and sales processes into discrete, measurable, actionable steps. By "modularizing" the effort, you can capture details on how and when specific resources are used such as call guides, forms, data sheets, whitepapers and other content. More importantly, you can also log customer response, via opens, clicks,  page views or downloads. This allows you to accurately gauge that most elusive quality of all - the effectiveness of marketing or sales assets. 

Metrics4ABM™️ helps customer-facing teams:

  • Have "conversations that matter"
  • Reduce ramp-up time, for new reps and new programs
  • Replicate best practices across teams
  • Automate workflow for faster, easier, more disciplined follow-up

When you focus on these goals, documenting your sales process moves from the theoretical to the practical.  Who's having success getting mind-share with a call opening? Let's figure out why, and build on that. 

Playbooks are the Enablement Technology

Playbooks become the repository of crowd-sourced truth and  successful practice. You can use them to create an easy to use call flow that guides reps to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Playbooks reinforce best practices and automatically capture both the task and the time spent on it. 

Playbooks also make it easy for reps to remember and complete all the right follow-up steps to make sure every opportunity gets all the attention it deserves.  At either the contact level or the company level, you can use these individual Playbook elements and our rules engine to score engagement that reflects  meaningful interactions. The Rules Engine makes the scoring as granular and precise as you can imagine by leveraging any attribute in the contact record, the relevance of the interaction and the quantitative measures of time on the activity, and its recency and frequency.  A comprehensive analysis of your pipeline is a big help in accurately forecasting sales projections and it gives you real insights into the effectiveness of your ABM efforts.


Advanced Reporting

Gathering, combining, and reviewing analytics from sales enablement and marketing automation provides a wealth of information into sales and marketing behaviors, prospect behaviors, and the most elusive of all insights, "Engagement" - where the real magic of business growth, customer satisfaction, and retention happens. Suddenly, reports can give you the real insights you need to fine tune your ABM strategies and to adjust specific account plans based upon what is working and what is not. Reps can easily see what they’ve covered and how deep they’ve gone with each contact. More importantly they can see the time and effort it took to get there AND the specific actions and tools that contributed to success (or failure) along the way. 

Sales Managers can scan the activity summaries and conversations of individual reps and teams for signs of problems and signs of success, and use both to adjust account strategies and design new campaigns. Marketers finally have real insights into which sales tools are working and which are not, and how and when they are being used, so that any necessary adjustments can be made.  Check out Analytics for examples.


Using SalesTalk Makes Sales Teams More Effective by:

  1. Automating low-value sales activities. 
  2. Overcoming tough sales objections – SalesTalk immediately displays relevant talking points from their Sales Playbook that enable the user to communicate their value proposition effectively, building trust with their prospects; the Google-like search capability accesses the knowledge repository that has been customized with the user organization’s data.
  3. Providing value-based messaging to the prospects – by incorporating the user organization’s own content and best-selling practices and continuously updating all the messaging."

Will Sales Reps Use SalesTalk?


Sales Reps Love SalesTalk

Sales Reps love SalesTalk – because it is intuitive. Our Playbooks act as a virtual coach on every call so reps always know the right thing to say or do to move the sale forward or answer any questions.  SalesTalk can also automatically update your CRM, saving the reps time after each call. Playbooks are easily tailored so that specific messages are delivered for each Buyer Role. Playbooks are searchable with a Google like index in case you get unanticipated questions from prospects. 


Sales Managers Love SalesTalk

Sales managers love SalesTalk - because they see the flow of every call with a view of each of the Talking Points that were discussed on the call. Because ABM deals are more complex and involve more people than a typical transaction, it is ever more critical to have a comprehensive Story-So-Far (SSF) of everything that has been sent, read or said to all who are involved. 

The SSF saves the rep’s time preparing for the follow up call because they can quickly review the details or a summary of any prior calls. This is especially important when accounts are transitioned to new or different reps during the sales process. Detailed capture of information with the time spent on each step and in every stage gives you important insights into the effectiveness of your ABM efforts. Objective analysis of the deals in your pipeline is also a big help in giving accurate forecasts to senior management.

What Sales Consultants are Saying

SalesTalk Gets It

"SalesTalk gets it! As a company they have the vision, the business strategy, technology and development expertise, as well as the "smarts" needed to impact a large and growing market. This level of integration of approach is something sorely lacking across the industry. In essence, SalesTalk solves many of the problems caused by traditional approaches to customer requirements management for sales and marketing teams looking to outsell the competition. SalesTalk's Sales Playbook is a market game changer."

Give Customers Reasons to do Business with You

"My company has utilized the SalesTalk base product for several years. SalesTalk’s real-time capture of data enables reps to be efficient in their sales activities while minimizing manual data entry tasks into my client’s CRM – and provides me, as a Sales Trainer, with the feedback to work with my clients to make sure training is an on-going process, not a one-time event."

Finally, a Tool that Does it All

"Business leaders want it all;  they want to limit the sales team's admin tasks, provide the info reps need at their fingertips, find a tool that sales will actually USE, create best-in-class call templates, help reps manage activities, integrate marketing and sales actions in one place, provide coaching tools to management, have an integrated environment, bring new team members up to speed quickly, minimize cost per user to best manage budgets. These are exactly the key benefits users see with SalesTalk."

Need to See it to Believe It?

Give us half an hour, and tell us what your priorities are. We can walk you through what setup and customization are like so it will feel like "home", or we can show you how to easily add a Playbook to your CRM , or we can show you how to load Playbooks with your content. Why not give us an hour to show you what we can do?     

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