Engagement | Coverage | Execution | Sales Interactions


This report is the “Big Picture” of the sales activity at the selected account. Sales Managers can see at a glance if the targeted accounts are getting the timely attention that will close the deal.


Sales Managers can see if Reps are following the recommended sales strategies. The metrics in this report give the Sales Manager an objective view of the activities that are producing results so that these approaches can be shared with the entire sales team.


A clear and insightful view off all the sales activity on your key accounts Sales Managers can quickly see how their Sales Reps are balancing their time between all the Contacts at their assigned Accounts, i.e. are they spending too much time on a few accounts and ignoring others.


This report shows the detailed view of the Sales Process being followed. Sales Managers can verify that the recommended Sales Process is being followed for the selected account and replicate best practices across their sales and marketing teams.


This report shows the detailed interactions for the selected time period for the selected Account. Sales Managers can see who is interacting with each Contact, what was discussed, and how much time has been invested, along with roll-ups to the total Sales Rep time invested in this account.     

Metrics4ABMTM™ Reports address essential elements of Account Based Marketing:

  • Date Range Selection Data you can see, not a sea of data.
  • Column Sorting Group information the way you want to.
  • Export to Excel allows custom analysis of selected data.
  • Sales & Marketing Insights Engage with more decision makers. 
  • Column Filtering Relevant information for coaching insights.

Get complete reports, a demo and a free trial!

Our free trial comes with several Sales Playbooks to get you started – and it is a simple “cut and paste” to load your sales content. We will help you with the 10 minute integration with your CRM. We also provide you and your Sales Consultant an extensive library of Sales Playbook content you can use as a guide to build your own Sales Playbooks. Your Sales Reps will love our Playbooks and Marketing and Sales Management will love the Metrics for ABM that the system generates. Give us an hour for a demo and to set up your free trial – you will be glad you did.      

Even more good stuff

You may be interested in a demo of our Sales Forecast Validator which measures actual account activity against the activities of closed deals so you have an objective comparison of actual against your sales activity goals. Several other reports are in developments to give you graphical views of how your ABM goals are being met in each account - % to goal, etc.  See a demo and get a 60 free day trial plus we'll send you more information about measuring the Metrics That Matter for Account Based Marketing – www.Metrics4ABM.com.